Refer a Friend!
We want to help you succeed, and want you to surround yourself with other like-minded people. With that said, we want to hook your friends up with our Dollar a Day Special. That's right just $1 a day for their first thirty days to try us out and experience The Motion Room.
Pretty cool, right?

Want to know what's even cooler?

Not only will you surround yourself with other positive like-minded people who will encourage you on your fat loss journey, but you'll even get 25% OFF your next month of training for every friend that signs up on this special!
In a nutshell, EVERYONE wins!
On that note, we can't wait to see *YOU* and *YOUR* army of "fat burning friends" at your next workout!
P.S. If you have anyone special in mind you don't even have to contact them!

Simply call us at 647-351-8671 or by CLICKING HERE and give us their contact information and we'll contact them on your behalf.

...And when they become a member and get on board afterwards, you'll get half-off next month! :-)
Want you to know how you can help keep this "Fat Loss Party Train" going...

Let's work together to keep the "Fat Loss Party Train" rolling strong with our Doubles, Triples & Group Memberships.
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