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Physiotherapy Program
As you know we seek to ensure you're always feeling your best, so we are excited to announce the launch of our new on-site physiotherapy clinic!
Physiotherapy is a great way to ensure any subtle aches and pains are addressed early enough that they don't turn into bigger problems long term (aren't linked to anything deeper within the body). Physiotherapy allows the opportunity to strengthen imbalances, correct postural issues, decrease chronic pain and increase mobility of muscles and joints. It can be the best place to prepare the body for future activity and training programs (for increased strength, mobility and stability, especially in the joints).

Our on-site Physiotherapist will work closely with our team doing assessments, reassessments, manual treatments, along with prescribing rehabilitative programs for clients. Clients will get to work with our team on their specific rehabilitation plan in order to get the most out of their treatment.
Physiotherapy Frequently Asked Questions
How do I prepare for assessment day?
When you come in for your assessment, please ensure you come prepared to discuss any issues that you have. We do a one-time intake process to minimize administration, and for you to bring at your assessment. Download your Intake Form Here
How long is each assessment?
Each assessment will be 30 minutes in length.
How much does the assessment cost?
Each assessment is $80 and will be 30 minutes in length.
What happens after my assessment?
During your assessment our physiotherapist will put together a "get better plan" prescribing the recommended amount of treatments in order to address your aches and pains.
How long is each treatment?
Each treatment will be 45 minutes in length.
How long are the treatment sessions?
Each treatment is $90 and will be 45 minutes in length.
Is this covered by my benefits?
Yes, most benefit plans cover physiotherapy. 

In the case where you want to have your benefits cover some or all of the treatments it’s helpful to let us know what your benefits are ahead of time so that the physiotherapist can try to design a plan that allows you to minimize the amount you need to pay out of pocket.
How does the payments work?
When you come in for your assessment ensure you come prepared with your credit card and intake forms so that the assessment time can be used to focus on you and any issues you may be experiencing. Payments occur halfway through the month and at month end for treatments / sessions that have taken place during the month. You will receive an invoice within a day or two after that you may use to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. To ensure we send invoices only once documentation is complete we typically send invoices out 1-2 days after billing. Note that if you require the invoice at the time of billing you can request this.
What do I do when I have completed my treatment plan but I am still experiencing a physiological issue(s)?
It would be best to book a reassessment during a time when the physiotherapist is on-site. Once the physiotherapist reassess you, further treatment will be prescribed if deemed appropriate. Not all issues you might be experiencing can be treated with physiotherapy, so your physiotherapist will advise you as to the most appropriate next steps if they deem it to be within their scope of practice.
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