Not Your Traditional Boot Camp!
The Motion Room’s 4 Series Workout Program is more than just a Boot Camp or group workout. It’s a revolutionary boot camp fitness program designed to offer our members an advanced training system that is also flexible enough to accommodate your specific fitness goals, all while making personal training affordable. There are 4 specific programs to choose from, and each one combines the individual benefits of a personal trainer and the social benefits of a group workout in a Boot Camp style fitness program that is motivating, engaging and of course – produces results.  
We have taken the most popular elements of a traditional Boot Camp workouts and combined it with the benefits of our Personal Co-Training Program to create a unique workout program you won’t find anywhere else in the city. The 4 Series provides the necessary tools and proven exercise routines to help you efficiently lose weight, decrease body fat, improve cardiovascular endurance, increase lean muscle mass and strength, and improve overall coordination, balance and flexibility. By making gradual changes to your diet and personal routine, you can begin to make healthy lifestyle changes that offer permanent results. By monitoring your progress and adjusting the exercises, we ensure that you make the most of each workout and maximize your efforts. Schedule an appointment with one our fitness experts to help you pick the best 4 Series Program or contact us anytime for more information.
Full Body
Our 4 Series “Classic” is our circuit routine comprised of plyometric, core, cardio, and strength training based on target heart rate zones. It evolves every 2 weeks, and includes new routines all the time. Whether you have worked out with us before or have never engaged in a group fitness training program, our trainers make it easy to get involved and start you on the pathway to physical fitness. Full body circuit training workouts have never been this much fun!
Core & Cardio
4 Series ”Cardio AB-use” is a high intensity, aerobic, calorie-blazing workout focused on improving your cardiovascular fitness along with strengthening your abdominals and mid-to-lower back muscles*. Everyone wants to look their best, and nothing says fitness like a 6 pack. Besides aesthetic appeal, strengthening your core is vital to a strong body and serves as the foundation for the rest of your workouts. We utilize an interval training method to help you strengthen your core and your confidence in a fun and active group fitness class.
Trying to get ready for gameday? Our 4 Series ”Athlete Ready” is designed to help athletes perform their absolute best, and give you that extra edge in the final minutes.  The question is, Are YOU Athlete Ready? Prepare your body by training the ‘invisible’ muscles using movement that maximizes your cardiac output, core strength, flexibility, balance, stabilization, coordination, and training capacity. This functional training workout program helps build and define muscles through precise workouts and movements designed by our fitness experts. We can help you perform your best!
Our 4 Series ”Rejuvenation” promotes rejuvenation for faster recovery and improves every day performance using myofascial compression techniques with foam rollers. Our routines help strengthen your body and reduce stress within the muscles and joint tissues. By utilizing natural trigger points on the body, we show you how to help minimize your recovery time and get you back to working on your fitness goals. Trigger point therapy uses your own body weight and pressure with specialized foam rollers relax muscles and ease tension. Whether you have previous injuries or just want to speed up the recovery process, our 4 Series Rejuvenation workout program will help you to feel better than ever!
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