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Everyone at TMR was there for me each step of the way. Not only did they motivate me to become a better version of myself, but I learned so many new things, and knowledge is something I can take with me wherever I go. From someone who started off with little knowledge about fitness, I am taking so much away from this amazing year at TMR.
Larisa M.
After around a year as a full member I was given my last update at 26% body fat and had increased my muscle by 20 lbs. The Motion Room has provided me a fun and challenging way to get healthy again and I know next years update will be even better."
James M.
The Motion Room is such an important part of my life. It pushes me to get over those challenges and to live a better quality of life, especially in the long run. What better way to train than to be surrounded by the amazing TMR team. A team that from day one has played a very special role in reaching my goals, goals that are a long way from being complete, but I am much closer today than I was a year ago. For those who have just started, don't get discouraged, it will get better. And for those who have been at TMR for a long time, thank you for being an inspiration. TMR thank you for being part of my accomplishments!!!"
Jorge C.
"I have to say my success story is that after 35 years of doing nothing, I have rediscovered the satisfaction of working out on a consistent basis. It was thanks to my lovely wife Danielle, who discovered TMR, that I also tried it out thinking I may never be able to last a day let alone get through any programs at all. I was surprised that I did get through the first day and how smart the whole program was! I feel totally confident in the gradual building of the individual programs and the wonderful supervision available.
Bruce B.
Out of all the gyms or exercise classes I've participated in, The Motion Room is the one that has really stuck with me. The scheduling works for me better than anything I've done before. It keeps me accountable and drags me out of the house even if I don't feel like going. I've made other kinds of progress - improved fitness level overall, getting my feet into the air-fit (seriously, this took me over 6 months to master!), and not feeling like I would die after the 5 minute warm up. Yes there's room to improve and the trainers help modify some of the exercises so that I can do my best.
Angelique R.
I was over 200 pounds before I joined the motion room. I’m currently hovering around 181, 182. It’s allowed me to do things I wasn’t able to do. My energy has generally increased and my ability to do more activities. I participated in Tough Mudder, which was great and I ran the Toronto Half Marathon. I hadn’t run since 2010, and at that time I had all sorts of other health issues, but in the span of six months I went from 2km, to 20 km, between May and the Toronto half in August. I never thought I would be able to do a 20 km run and now I’m thinking about doing a full 40km marathon next year.
Edward A.
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